Lake Street Dive

What’s with these bands with street names?  Is that the secret to soul?  First I find Ann St. Soul, now I find Lake Street Dive.  These bands have heaps of talent and style.  I love it.

First impressions: What is this? I’m so used to the “I Want You Back” bassline being a bouncing, rollicking exercise in pure joy.  This chilled-out rendition was not what I expected, but, wow, is it amazing.  The song turns from a pop classic to a deep cut from a dive bar at the end of the night.  The lyrics take on new meaning.  No longer does the song conjure thoughts of a teen testing the waters of puppy love, but real yearning and desire.

The harmonies in the chorus are beautiful, and add a maturity that the original song never had.  It goes without say that the lead vocal is spot-on, a soulful alto (? I know next to nothing about the technicalities of the female voice, but that sure isn’t soprano).  The bassist’s work is most likely my favorite part of this rendition, however.  She manages to bend and slide tones with such precise intonation that you hear all the notes of the original bassline, but it is infinitely smoother, especially off a double bass.

I can heartily recommend a listen to the rest of their EP, Fun Machine.  They have equally lovely interpretations of four other songs, with an original track in the mix as well.  What’s exciting is their website says they just got in the studio to record a new album.

This is the other YouTube video I’ve been poring over, simply because of the sheer talent it contains.  I’m not going to act like I know much about Eric Krasno & Chapter 2, but holy hell can these guys get down.

The bassist’s name is Chris Loftlin, and he has just become a personal idol of mine.  I’ve got to get out to the Iridium one of these days.

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